The Three Sisters
By Brendan Flanagan
March 17th & 18th - 2018
Copyright © 2018 by Brendan Flanagan
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The Three Sisters
March 2018

Just beneath the ever-shifting coastal sands
And the crashing surf of Ye Olde Cape Cod
Lay the foundations of The Three Sisters
Who were taken by the advancing ocean
1, 2, 3 and then scattered abroad –

Littered are the shores at Eastham
With the skeletal remains of many a shipwreck
Ghost Ships from our past in search of 3 beacons
From 3 light houses, swept from the cliffs of Nauset
Like the crew of The Montclair, from its boat deck –

From Monomoy to Race Point on The Outer Cape
A network of lighthouses once gave warning
For many a ship in trouble at sea
1 if by Truro, 2 if by Chatham and 3 if by Eastham
Turn your ships away until the light of morning –

Just beneath the ever-shifting tidal waves
Lay the foundations of three lighthouses
A long time ago, Mariners would call them
The Three Sisters because of the bonnets on their heads
and how they all wore long white blouses –

And if you ever visit the place they once stood
The three beacons from a long lost bygone day
If you listen very closely and very carefully
Between the whipping wind though the Pines
And the lapping waves, you may hear them say –

“We are The Three Sisters of Eastham
Beacons to Mariners, both domestic and abroad
We once sat high upon the Dunes at Nauset
And now all that's left is our foundations
Where you may find us on the bars of Cape Cod -

And what a proud Three Sisters we were
Because we were beacons to many a ship in trouble
But how sad it is that nobody came to rescue us
From when the ocean swept us off the cliffs
And now we are reduced to merely rubble –

And this is why, if you listen very, very carefully
To the wind in the pines and the lapping of the waves
Somewhere in between those forces of nature
We beacon you again, to never let happen 
What happened to us, speaking from our watery graves” –

Such were the lighthouses known as The Three Sisters
And their beaconing cries that linger and loom
1 if by Truro, 2 if by Chatham and 3 if by Eastham
God have mercy on us all, from a fate like this
On the reef of Montclair's doom.