The Cape
(2nd draft ~ 2013)

There was a Cape that stood ‘pon a dune
Worn and weathered, one Nauset June –

Its shingles were gray and shutters white
And as I recall, there was an anchor in the yard centered upright –

Traps and buoys were placed childlike in the sand
While above their nesting grounds, Terns stood their stand –

Shells and claws hung ornamental in a fishing net
Looking rather pen and ink now that the sun had begun to set –

A single wire connected the cottage to the rest of the world 
While ocean side, a washed up starfish began to parch and curl –

At sea, markers fought for breath in the rising swell
And in the harbor, sailboats bobbed with their masts at bell –

A wicked wind was whipping up as if to welcome me home
And now, closing in on my past as if it were a tragic poem –

Suddenly, the blowing marsh grass began stinging at my thighs
‘Twas then and there, to the uncertainty of my eyes –

As I made my way up over one final sand dune
Unto that magical place I lived one long ago June –

A joyous Cape filled with family and friends full of cheer
Drawing ever closer, I could only hope it would still be there –

Sadly, nothing was to be found. For the Blizzard of ‘78
Had washed The Cape into The Nantucket Sound –

But as I scanned the dunescape where it had once stood before
Something caught my eye. “Look! Look, over by the seashore!”

There, protruding from the sand, was the anchor, down by the seas
 Where I quickly ran, almost nearly dropping to my knees –

I was brushing and digging all around it - brushing the sand away
To exhume a part of my past that was being swallowed by the Bay –

And as I pried it up, cradling its sad and rusty shape
Moored as I was, by the anchor to this land that is the Cape –

The currents of past memories began to churn and at me, chide
And like the Cape before me, I too would be swept away in the tide.

By Brendan Flanagan
First draft, 1991 - Second draft, 2013

The first draft of this poem was typewritten in 1991. That 1st draft, after I submitted it, took 2nd place in 
The National Library of Poetry Contest.

In 1994 I self-published a small book of poems for family and friends and that first draft appeared in the book 
entitled: Trees Can Red  at Night. Now, years later, I have decided to rewrite The Cape and feel like I'm getting closer and closer 
to what it is that I have been trying to describe all these years, about Cape Cod.
Copyright © 2015 by Brendan Flanagan
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