Mansions of Life
By Brendan Flanagan

I have lived in many mansions in life
But only one ever inspired me to write a poem
One which was built on a foundation of words
On which there stood a home –

A home that rose, a monumental three stories high
With just as many wonderful, if not more, gables wide
With Victorian era artifacts in Queen Anne rooms
In which many a generation lived and died –

In one room, I witnessed my family at Christmas
While peaking out from behind the parlor door
And through the pantry I found another family
That lived there a hundred and fifty years before –

In another room I came into contact
With a whole slew of strange and shadowy hosts
Some were very cordial, some were pleasantly polite
But others were downright spooky ghosts –

But as I wound my way up the back spiral stairs
Around and around to the second floor
Searching, searching for something, a passage
A portal, an opening to another door –

A door that spoke to me from down a long hall
And creaked open as if to welcome me home
A hall that seemed to go on forever and ever
As if I were passing through the Vatican of Rome -

And alas upon entering the room
In addition, to my amazement, that is my unearthly delight
I found the first stanzas to this very poem and so…
The last of which I so vehemently began to write -

I have lived in many beautiful mansions in life
But very few could I ever call my true home
But one which was built on a foundation of words
In this living, breathing, mansion of a poem.

By Brendan Flanagan

​To be able to draw what you hear
A sight so pictorial in sound
A rhythm sown with eyesight seen
Is the altitude of the profound -

To be able to taste what you feel
A taste so wonderful to the touch
A feeling sown tang to the tongue
Is deliciousness or so as such -

To be able to pronounce a picture
A sound so visual to the sight
A sight sown sound to the ear
Is the sound of brilliant light.
Say Whatever
​by Brendan Flanagan

Say whatever comes right off the top of your head
Kinda like when the wind blows the snow from the tops of peaks of mountains
And settles in the valleys below, only to rise again to form clouds
And fall again as snow –

Say whatever comes to the tip of your tongue
Kinda like when waters babble in a brook that becomes a stream
And then a river, only to fill the air with life giving moisture
That falls to Earth as dew, that will form a brook, that will form a stream
That will form a river –

Say whatever shoots through your mind.
Kinda’ like when a shaft of light passes through an opening in a cloud
And casts your shadow all across this concrete jungle and for a moment,
A single momentous moment, you appear larger than life, with your words
Like bullets, passing through open matter, nothing stopping them!

​Swimming with Sharks
by Brendan Flanagan

You silly grown men
Who swim with the sharks
Who aim their bows & arrows
To hit material marks –

You stalk your prey
In this vast sea of life
With the eye of an archer
Like a spot on a knife –

And so you swim along
Gobbling up everything you see
And this is how it goes
When you’re king of the sea –

So you silly, silly men
Who practice materialism as a belief
A ticket for your own funeral
Is bought on dead man’s reef –

For when the arrow is karma 
You shoot from your bow
Full circle it all comes back 
With one felt blow –

And when that arrow hits
A beginning and an ending -  fuse
When the boomerang comes back
Time for silly men to pay their dues –

So you silly men that once swam
Will swim again no more
Except only in the belly
Of a much bigger and greedier shark
Forever and ever more.

​Mother Nature’s Tune
by Brendan Flanagan

Sifting like sands of the ever-shifting dunes
This is the craft of Mother Nature with her brooms –

This is the sweeping of her soiled floors
And the shaping of her shapely ocean shores –

From the rocky nooks off an Irish Celtic Coast
With the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost –

Crossing the Atlantic with a rain and a shine
Whistling through the scrub of the New England Pine –

Dusting the dunes and tinting the summer dog days
This is the skill of Mother Nature’s ways –

This is the sweeping of her sandy bar shoals
And the shaping of all her beautiful souls –

From the Cape Cod Islands off of Buzzard’s Bay
So much beauty, not even our lips can ever say –

Crossing back over the ocean and lifting high above the land
Up into the heavens with so welcoming a hand –

Tinting the sunrise; pausing at each and every noon
These are the chords that nature plays in tune.

​Burnt Sienna
by Brendan 

Moss pink
Gemstone jade
Burnt Sienna
Marmalade -

Red rose
Green palm
Tan diamond
Lucky charm -

Tacky velvet
Copper brass
Slanky chiffon
Beaded glass -

Yellow ochre
Olive tree
I foretell
A great City!

 Where in the midst of August gardens, aspiring artists will be standing at awe, palette in hand - PAINTING GOD!

​The Abstract and The Norm
by Brendan

To be able to have the sight to see, and choose not the eyes
To be able to have the heart to touch, but not with the fingers
To be able to have the ears to hear and choose the voices of those least heard
Is to be able to understand the ways of the spirit in Heaven ~

To be able to say it without saying it and convey with far more meaning
To be able to be this or that, not definable by race, religion or form
To be able to be neither here nor there and... yet, everywhere all at once
Is to be able to put the concrete to the abstract and the abstract to the norm.

​Running Man
by Brendan Flanagan
April 22nd 2006

So I was off and running
I didn't know where or what from
But I had this funny inkling
From the collective whole of life’s sum -

The cumulative negative
Never dealt with, never resolved
All came back to whip me
As the gears of karma so revolved -

But the harder I ran
The harder the wind blew in my face
For it was the ego
I was neck and neck with, in a running race -

And so I ran
Just as I had done for all these years
Until one day an inner calling made me stop
And so I turned to face my fears -

And there to my surprise
I saw my true self for the very first time
"You can't beat me," I shouted at the ego
And served him up another end rhyme -

"I thought I could fool you," he declared
I shouted, "Once again you are wrong.
Just like you thought you could fool that runner, ehh
Now I'm gonna finish you off with a song" -

But I had to marvel at how that runner
Which was ME, had never even left his mark
He never even put on his shoes
Yo! That kids car was still in park -

All these years I thought I could escape
All these days living life on a limb
But not anymore, no not me
For now I am running back to him -

And I'm gaining momentum
Like color and sight with sound
And I can see myself clearer and clearer
Going back to myself in leaps and bounds -

The rhythm is changing
The tide is turning; the sun is coming out
For isn't going back to The One
What living life is all about?

For today I shattered
The image of the ego in that which was the old me
For the runner who had never even left his mark
Has now turned master of his destiny.
​There Is A River That Flows
by Brendan - 10/13/2010

There is a river that flows
Not into an ocean and not into a sea
But flows between the earth and sky
Filling the vastness of all eternity -

All through the layers of our beingness
From God; to our Higher Selves; to you and me
The river flows into our souls
Irrigating our hearts with sacred spirituality -

There is a river that flows you know
And it is not one of water, but one of love
Carrying with it from the ethers to the earth
Straight from the source, the light of God above -

Whereby our thirst for divinity may be quenched
By a river of oneness that is teaming and rife
For to drink from the pool that is fed with the flow
Is to drink from The River of Eternal Life.

Copyright © 2015 by Brendan Flanagan
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Part 6 
from the Epic Poem: Sophia
by Brendan Flanagan

When one learns how not to become frozen with fear in the all-powerful presence of Hecate; how not to fall prey to the tempt of the lustful Lilith, then that one has both learned and earned the heart of beautiful Sophia.

In the week leading up to the journey of the spirit that I made that would bring Sophia home and back to God, I was racked with nerves. I honestly didn’t know if the plan would work and I had never made such a complex and ​ journey, ever! I was full of doubt. Sleep was scarce during that week leading up the date of 11/4/2012 or 11, which is the date of Sophia’s return. I had the plan all put together in my mind and then on that morning of 11/4, I was tired of questioning myself, I got angry, shut my eyes and the journey to Hecate began.

Begin Journey -

Upon arriving in the underworld with the children of the first dynasty, and two others from the 4th.. all of whom helped me carry the beautiful gold trunk with the Holy Grail inside, we noticed that Hecate was sitting on her throne. That is when I instructed my children to quickly stand in a row behind the trunk of the Grail, facing the opposite direction and to never look at the Grail once it is unveiled.

Protilius: After instructing my children and saw that they formed a perfect row and were safely facing away from the Grail and Hecate, I addressed her: “As you requested, I have brought you the greatest treasure from the kingdom of my father in Heaven.”

Hecate: “You promised me a golden trident and you think a cheap golden trunk will Suffice!? NEVER!!” SSS-SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-SSSSSSSS "And who are these beings you bring with you? They are not welcome here!"

Protilius: “I brought something much, much more special and meaningful your highness. Something that I think will look quite familiar to you," I laughed. "And those beings you ask about, you will find out soon enough."

Hecate: That is when she stood up and shouted, “Liar! False prophet!!” Then she made a circular motion with both of her forefingers out in front of her. And from this imaginary circle a brilliant light appeared and from the center or within her, came 3 dragon-headed snakes, each about 10 feet tall and slithering. “Be careful Protilius which one you use your sword to slay, it just might be Sophia!” She declared and then laughed. “Hahahahaaaaaaa”

Protilius: Now staring at 3 large dragon headed snakes that were ready to strike at me with their teeth, I quickly put my shield up and looked “through” it to see what I was really dealing with. And to my amazement, one of those dragon-headed snakes was really a woman…SOPHIA! She looked scared and fragile. However, the other two in the middle and far left were the ones I wanted. So that is when I took off sprinting towards the dragon snake on the far left, leaped through the air and with one swipe of my sword, took the head of it, clean off. The rest of its body squirmed and slithered in place. Then, as soon as I landed on my feet, I willed my form into the shape of an enormous golden lion. I could hear Hecate screaming in the background and she was furious.

Hecate: “Don’t just sit there, eat him!!! EAT HIMMM!!!”

Protilius: Now, in the form of a lion, I paced back and forth sizing up my prey. And as I did so the dragon headed snake that was in the middle at first, merged with the one on the right which was really, Sophia. They became one for a moment and then split again, back into two. This was a problem because now I couldn’t be sure which one was not Sophia. Just then, as I began backing up on all fours to rethink my strategy, I heard the “Whooom, whooom, whooom” sound of a dragon pumping his wings. I instantly split my lion into a million particles of light, just in case… And to my utter amazement, I watched with perfect clarity from each of those particles of light as the dragon from my first visit to Sophia, the one who’s life I spared, fly head on into one of those dragon headed snakes, latching it’s jaws around its neck and tearing it to pieces with its razor sharp teeth. 

Protilius: I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and was honored that this dragon, which was the spawn of Sophia, was on my side. For a brief moment I watched and then willed myself back into the form of 
Protilius. I held my shield up and looked at the one remaining dragon-headed snake and sure enough, it was Sophia. That dragon knew which one was which, when I as a Lion, could not. That is when I heard Hecate screaming at the top of her lungs…

Hecate: “You stupid dragon! Look what you’ve done!!! I’ll have your head for this!”

Protilius: As she scolded her dragon spawn, which quite possibly had saved my life and the mission, the one remaining dragon-headed snake, which was really Sophia, was pulled back within the essence of Hecate. Poof! Gone! Seeing this, I turned and ran back to where the trunk containing the Holy Grail was. I shouted to my children once again, “Whatever you do, don’t look!” I began to unlatch the buckles holding the top half of the lid to the bottom. Then, after the last buckle was unlatched, I looked once more in the direction of Hecate who, standing over the dragon now laying in its dragon bed, was about to plunge a sword into its back.

I removed the lid to unveil the Holy Grail and shouted at Hecate, “Hey, Hecate, over here! Look!”

And when she turned and glanced in my direction, sword held high in striking position, just before spading that dragon, the shear and utter madness in her eyes turned to horror! She gasped, dropping her sword to the ground. Clang, clang, clang…

Protilius: “Hey Hecate, look familiar? It’s US!!! It’s me and you… Remember???” And as soon as I declared this, she let out a high pitched squeal and dropped to her hands and knees…crawling slowly in the direction of where I knelt next to the golden cup. 

And when Hecate was a close enough distance so that she could rise to her feet and look in the cup, I reached for one of her shaking, quivering hand.

Protilius: “Come on, my beautiful” I said to her. “You must stand up now and look within the cup.” So, I helped her to her feet and tears began rolling down her cheeks. While holding her hand I asked her again, “My beautiful, do you remember?”

Hecate: Nodding her head in the affirmative, she uttered, “Yes, yes I do…” and began crying uncontrollably.

Protilius: I wiped the tears from her cheeks and declared to her as God did to me when he brought me before the Grail: 

“The cup, this is OUR BODY! The blood, this is OUR SOUL!! And the bone in the blood of the cup means we are a part of GOD!!!” 

And just when I finished declaring this to her, her eyes rolled back in her head and her legs became wobbly and she fell backwards. Catching her in my arms, I dropped to my knees to break the fall as she fainted. I held her close in my arms and realized I was crying too. I ran my fingers through her soft hair, caressing her and loving her. It was at that time I heard my children who were only several feet away, with their backs still turned in the opposite direction. And they were crying tears of joy.

Then, I heard the tacky sound of toenails clicking on the floor behind me. I turned and watched as that dragon cautiously and yet, curiously, walked up to the Grail to sniff it. And when it sniffed the blood in the cup that is the Grail, it let out a few sneezes in short order. That dragon began backing up quickly after that!

Protilius: "You ham! Now go back to your bed because that cup is not for you, silly!" The dragon returned to its bed.

I realized I had to put the lid of the trunk back over the Grail so that my children could meet their mother before she came to again, as Lilith. I let her down gently on the floor, got up and put the lid over the grail and latched it back up.

“My children” I declared, “You may turn around now.” That is when I knelt back down on my knees to hold Hecate close in my arms as she was still unconscious.

In pairs and as Divine Complements, Invatharion & Parathius, Protithius & Invalarion, Promethius & Idatharian, Parilius & Idavarion, and Protharus and Idagordava all came forward to kiss their mother on her forehead. Then, from out of nowhere, Elloweina appeared before us, knelt down next to us and smiled.

Elloweina: “You’re going to need to get the Grail out of here before she wakes up. I will return it to God with the help of some of the other Angels.”

Protilius: “Thank you, Elloweina! But I’m gonna need you to come back…just in case.”

Elloweina: “I promise I will be right back!” She said and then leaned forward to kiss Hecate on her cheek. “Good job, brother!”

Protilius: “Without you, none of this would have been possible,” I replied. "You deserve the credit!"

Moments later, I witnessed a group of Angelic beings appear and Elloweina instructed them what to do with the Holy Grail. Then, they along with the Grail,flew it out of there.

With Hecate in my arms, my children all kneeling around us and stroking/patting her in a display of love and affection, I began to hear something stirring within her. It was a sound like a cat purring. It was getting louder and louder and it almost seemed to fill the room, as if it could be coming from anywhere even though I knew it was coming from within her. It was Lilith! Hecate had relinquished her power and soon I would have to put into effect, Phase 2 of the plan to bring Sophia home.

When her eyes began to slowly open, I knew immediately it was Lilith by the energy beaming from them. That is when I felt her finger making flirtatious spirals with my right ear. She smiled that Lilith smile. I had to act quickly!

Protilius: “Children,” I declared, “Phase 2 of operation Sophia is in effect! You know what to do, now get busy! Go, go, go!!!”

To be continued….

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Brendan began writing poetry in 1989 after he was given a book of poems about Emily Dickinson. Because Emily was describing the etheric realm in some of her poems (which interested him) he decided to add poetry to his list of crafts that he wished to master one day. He has been writing poetry ever since...

His poetic influences are: Emily Dickinson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Robinson Jeffers, Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou and Allen Ginsberg.

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